Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid (viewpointproject.com) produces innovative and unique educational documentaries featuring the world's most influential organizations and individuals. Viewpoint is dedicated to developing and distributing social and educational programming about our neighbors, our communities, and our world, with each story intended to change lives for the better. Viewpoint’s documentaries enlighten the audience by delivering diverse informational and educational information by covering a variety of issues and topics. The development team at Viewpoint has received over one hundred Telly(c) awards over the last twenty years.     


In February 2022 Viewpoint contacted McFarlane Architects to be the subject of an educational documentary on architecture for Public Television (PBS). The documentary was designed by Viewpoint to inspire, educate, and illuminate aspects of the architectural profession including how architects affect our communities and well-being, the challenges facing the profession, and the impacts of the latest advances in design and construction technologies. The documentary will be viewable on all PBS stations in 2023, and a corporate profile aired on Fox News, Fox Business Network, CNN, CNN Headline News, MSNBC, CNBC, TLC, Travel, and Discovery in November of 2022.